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Third European Zippo Weekend Randersacker

3. Europäisches Zippo Wochenende 2009

3. Europäisches Zippo Wochenende 2009

Design by Michael Stöcker

Date: 02/2009
Color: Brushed Chrome

Style: Vintage

Limited to 100 pieces

This Zippo was created due to a designing competition held by ZFD in 2009. For the three best designs a big surprise was given but the winner was invited to Randersacker and got an one-of-a-kind airbrushed lighter with his original design.
I made it to be the third - you can see the surprises here.

5 Jahre Zippo Flamme Deutschland

5 Jahre Zippo Flamme Deutschland

Date: 2007 (?)
Date Insert: L0710A
Color: Black Sable

Limited to 50 pieces

Unfortunately it's not possible to see the bottom's datecode. But due to the insert's datecode I guess the lighter was produced in 2007.

ZFD Collector's Edition 2009

ZFD Collector's Edition 2009

Design by Josef Bauer

Date: 07/2008
Color: White Matte

Limited to 200 pieces


Coaster for 5th Anniversary

Bierdeckel zum 5th Anniversary