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Z-Series Certificate of Authenticity

After eleven successfull years of Collectible of the Year Zippo Manufactoring Company in Bradford, USA decided to cancel the series of collector lighters. The follow-up had to be the Z-Series.
Z - Series is an internal used concept and means 'pre - production'. These ZIPPO-lighters are prototypes for special materials or finishes - anything that's possible.
Till now these prototype had been destroyed, were stored at the archives or exposed at the ZIPPO-museum. With the new Z-Series a new age of collecting lighters began! This first Z-Series is a series of lighters made of pure copper. While pre-production it happens with some lighters that they have minor errors otherwise to the final production. With this errors every lighter is unique.
Totally 21.441 lighters were produced. Each lighter has a special Z-Series bottom stamp and a Z-Series identifier on the body. Those 21.441 lighters have a limited number on the side as follows:

  • 10.188 pieces for the US-market code "A"
  • 7.507 pieces for the asian and pacific market code "AP"
  • 3.646 pieces for the european market code "E"
  • 100 pieces for ZIPPO Click code "ZC"
Z-Series Copper Project

Z-Series Copper Project

Date: 2002
Color: Copper
Style: Solid Copper

Limited No: 1404/10188 A

Z-Series Copper Project Display
Z-Series Manual

Z-Series Manual

1935 Replica Z-Series

1935 Replica Z-Series Certificate of Authenticity

The 1935 Replica Z-Series is the second in a series of collectible prototype lighters offered by Zippo. Like the original, the 1935 Replica features a 3-barrel hinge joining the lid and bottom, an open hollow rivet that secures flint wheel to inside unit, a 16-holed chimney insert; flat bottom case, and slashes on the opposite corners of the face and back of the lighter. Highlights of the 1935 Replica Z-Series include:

  • Z-Series bottom stamp
  • Consecutively numbered and limited to 922 pieces
  • Special booklet illustrating 1935 Replica development
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Clear dome self-display unit
1935 Replica Z-Series

1935 Replica Z-Series

Date: 2007
Color: Brushed Chrome
Style: 1935 Replica

Limited No: 249/922

1935 Replica Z-Series Display
1935 Replica Z-Series Manual

1935 Replica Z-Series Manual