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Gazebo 1996

Gazebo 1996
Swap Meet 1996

Swap Meet 1996

Date: 05/1996
Color: Brushed Chrome

Limited No: 147/400

Gazebo Series 1997-2000

Gazebo Flyer
Gazebo Summer 1997

Summer in Bradford, PA 1997

Date: 05/1997
Color: White Matte

Limited No: 516/650

I got the lighter during Swap Meet 1997 in Bradford. The lighter sale began at 9.00 am, but actually it wasn't possible to get the lighter at that time any more. Every listed swap meet visitor had a merchant list to get the lighter and I found a restaurant (Mama's CafĂ©) that opened at 10.00 pm. So I went to that particular restaurant and fortunatelly I was the first in the queue. In the end we found out, that the restaurant's owner only one lighter had to sell - mine...

Gazebo Autumn 1998

Autumn in Bradford, PA 1998

Date: 06/1997
Color: Orange Matte

Limited No: 229/650

Gazebo Winter 1999

Winter in Bradford, PA 1999

Date: 06/1998
Color: Blue Matte

Limited No: 100/650

Gazebo Spring 2000

Spring in Bradford, PA 2000

Date: 03/2000
Color: Purple Matte

Limited No: 382/650

Gazebo First Night 2000

Gazebo First Night 2000
Gazebo First Night 2000

Share The Light / Ignite The Spirit

Date: 10/1999
Color: Satin Chrome

Limited to 175 pieces