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Harley-Davidson Logo

William (Bill) S. Harley and the Davidson brothers Arthur, Walter and William built 1903 in a small store in Milwaukee their first 3 motorcycles and founded the joint company in 1907. With that Harley-Davidson is the fifth oldest motorcycle brand in the world who still produces motorcycles - to Husqvarna, Royal Enfield, Triumph and American Motorcycles (AMC). These four brands have in contrast to Harley-Davidson greater discontinuities in their corporate history. They were sometimes completely disappeared from the market, and today, as opposed to Harley-Davidson they only have the original brand names.

Harley Davidson - The Reunion

The Reunion - 90 Years - 1903-1993

Date: 01/1993
Color: Polished Chrome

Frontwheel Gift Set Lighter

Frontwheel with Logo Gift Set

Date: 04/1997
Color: Polished Brass

Frontwheel Gift Set
Trick Lighter Harley Davidson Tire/Engine

Harley Davidson Tire/Engine Surprise Gift Set

Date: 05/1997
Color: Polished Brass

Trick Lighter Harley Davidson Tire/Engine Gift Set