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Findings / Fun

On this page I present findings that are not produced by Zippo but in some (perhaps strange) way associated with the name Zippo.

Fire Extinguisher

Zippo Home Fire Extinguisher

I found this fire extinguisher while surfing through the internet. It is not really meant that way - I hope ;)
Here's the original comment:

Zippo Home Fire Extinguisher

Honorable Mention

Name: Yu-Chun Sun
School: Art Center College of Design
City: Pasadena, CA

"I'd run out of the building, I'd jump out of the window, I'd do anything other than use a fire extinguisher," said Nikitas, referring to the confusing instructions on many commercial models. That's why she and her colleagues liked Yu-Chun Sun's project. Not only does the sleek, bullet-like canister feature simple instructional icons, but Sun ditched the standard hose-and-lever system that might prove unwieldy under duress for an easy-to-grip handle similar to a gas pump's. The jury's only worry? That deviating from the traditional red color associated with firefighting might be another source of confusion.

You can find the original here: businessweek.com.

Zippo's Bar

Zippo's Bar

One night in Jena I coundn't believe my eyes...

Unfortunately taken with my mobile phone. Don't know if the bar still exists - it's from 2005.