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Thanks for visiting Monkey's lighter site!

The one that starts it all: Statue of Liberty

This private site is dedicated to my personal collection of Zippo lighters and accessories.

Because many people were asking: My lighters and accessories are not for sale and I'm not interested in any trade.

In the beginning of the nineties I bought my very first Zippo lighter - it took not too long to buy many more - 645 (2024-03-04) lighters and many accessories today. With ebay the collection grows faster and faster because since then it was possible to get lighters that were not for the european market (actually they are often much more interesting). Hopefully the end of my collection is far away.
A big part of the collection is principally concerned with the Hard Rock Cafe. Right now I own 291 different Zippo lighters (and some memorabilia) of 205 different Hard Rock Cafes and Hotels worldwide - this may be the biggest Hard Rock Zippo collection in Europe.
A great assistance in looking for informations are some Zippo-Clubs - I want to point you to the german club where I was a longtime member of (unfortunately the board is closed now).

Enough of talking. I hope you enjoy my collection. Some feedback via the contactform would be appreciated.




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