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Hard Rock Beach Club Choctaw

Hard Rock Beach Club Logo
Hard Rock Beach Club Choctaw

Hard Rock Beach Club Choctaw
162 Lake Pushmataha Circle
Choctaw, MS 39350

Established: 2003-06-12
Closed: 2005-01-24

The first Hard Rock Beach Club opened up on June 6th 2003 in Choctaw (USA/Mississippi) at the Pearl River Resort.
It had an outdoor/indoor restaurant, heated pool with underwater speakers and - of course - direct beach access.

Unfortunately this beachclub closed its doors after two years. There's no offical announcement for this short time but it seems that the location was to far from any city. And keep it running only for Hard Rock tourists was not successful.

HR Beach Club Logo

HR Beach Club Logo

Date: 08/2003
Color: Black Ice